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23 September 2020 @ 10:59 pm
but I don't really discriminate so leave a message, don't be (too) afraid. I'm all for equality of the genders and each one caring only for themselves and maybe their soulmates, if they ever find one, which I hope everybody does.

You see, my dad really likes to tell me and my brother some horror stories about people finding stuff out about the others on the internet and then killing them or stalking them or something equally terrible, yet seemingly coming from an alternative universe, that It actually seems like this alternative universe could actually be just around the corner (or should it be just behind a click?) so it's best to be safe and sorry. However, as I've said above, I'm all about happiness and equal chances and stuff, so if I've ever talked to you (and you've understood me and I've understood you?) or if you feel like we could talk, just do it, you know? Send me a message on this entry and I'll welcome you with open arms into the chaos that is me writing about everything that comes into my head. That I can promise.
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